Together as a parish

In our Catholic community the faithful are given many means of growing in their faith: the sacraments and various apostolic organizations.

Immaculate Conception Church strives to offer its faithful every opportunity to knit them closer into the family of the Catholic Church.

The priests reside nearby, giving occasion for the daily attendance of Mass and frequent reception of confession.

Other spiritual and devotional exercises, the frequent opportunities for giving public testimonial of the Faith, and the regular social events meant to foster Catholic friendship in the community are also readily available.

Above and beyond this, the faithful are also gladly encouraged to become members of the many sodalities and charitable organizations present in the church. Men, women, youth and children all have groups focused on their specific needs and vocations, and those who feel called to become lay members of a religious order have their choice between the third orders of St. Pius X, St. Francis, St. Dominic, and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

The word "Catholic" means universal, and the community of Immaculate Conception has accepted that word as a call to incorporate the Faith in every aspect of life: liturgy, home and family, work, education, and society. The prayer of the Church and the support of Catholic sodalities allow our members to strive to meet this challenge.